In todays video I prank my Girlfriend Kouvr by giving away her dog to Tana, Patrick and Calvin learn how to golf, Paper crashes my moped into the bus, Katie Sigmond confronts Calvin, and Kouvr and I go Christmas tree shopping.
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  1. Alicia Quezada

    Alicia Quezada18 hours ago

    No one gonna talk about the bus light🤣🤣🤣

  2. She Her

    She Her21 day ago

    Married Kouvr

  3. Lela Stamper

    Lela Stamper23 days ago

    Don't do that to her

  4. Rebekah Davis

    Rebekah Davis27 days ago

    Alex: I can Olie to tan a monjo. Kouver: should I call the cops or should I call peta

  5. This girly Gamer

    This girly GamerMonth ago

    Dose she still have the dog cus I have not seen him in resent vlogs after this one

  6. Addisonfan:3

    Addisonfan:3Month ago

    Cause baby trees need love to 💕 so wholesome

  7. Hissa Al-Sadi

    Hissa Al-SadiMonth ago

    bc baby trees deserve love too lol🤣

  8. Birdies Feather

    Birdies FeatherMonth ago

    kouvr is like mentally 5 and i love that

  9. Birdies Feather

    Birdies FeatherMonth ago

    alex is the only person that would high five u after breaking a tv

  10. Birdies Feather

    Birdies FeatherMonth ago

    0:09 me when I see my crush

  11. Ryan C

    Ryan CMonth ago

    Been binge watching all the past vlogs

  12. Emerson Fazio

    Emerson FazioMonth ago

    They’re so rich they don’t even care that they broke the TV

  13. Caillie Warwick

    Caillie WarwickMonth ago

    I feel like Ollie was the stress ball in the Calvin Katie sitch

  14. Angelina Skoric

    Angelina SkoricMonth ago

    WTF happend at the end ayeeeeee yoooooooooo lol



    Longer videos

  16. Tina Zeremes

    Tina ZeremesMonth ago

    Do u guys still have the puppy

  17. Sarieh Mazariegos

    Sarieh MazariegosMonth ago

    I want that puppy

  18. Xxsimp_here xX

    Xxsimp_here xX2 months ago

    He would sell snack for like 50 bucks

  19. Camila Malsem

    Camila Malsem2 months ago

    Y’all are so cute together get married already 💍

  20. Mystic . Jas

    Mystic . Jas2 months ago

    Why is paper literally the zane of the group

  21. Mystic . Jas

    Mystic . Jas2 months ago

    Alex warren=david dobrick they are the same person

  22. Keiri Hernandez

    Keiri Hernandez2 months ago

    I think you and kouver should get your dog a Papa Chino

  23. Kayleigh Fagan

    Kayleigh Fagan2 months ago

    Get her another puppy

  24. Veeplayz Ortiz

    Veeplayz Ortiz2 months ago

    poor Dog

  25. Aaliyah Romero

    Aaliyah Romero2 months ago

    Why are yall all the time in alex's and kouvr's room 🤣 but yall are soOOo Funny 🤣🤣🤣

  26. Oliver Yambao

    Oliver Yambao2 months ago

    Um... Katie bruh what happened to Jeremy

  27. chicken tITs

    chicken tITs2 months ago

    Love lol 🤩🤩 good to hear 🙂😅

  28. I’m to cool for school

    I’m to cool for school2 months ago


  29. shadow_monster's

    shadow_monster's2 months ago


  30. Rebekah Davis

    Rebekah Davis2 months ago

    *kouvr looks at alex* tana should I call the cops or should I call peta? Me laughing my head off😂😂😂😂

  31. fatima abdi

    fatima abdi2 months ago

    How are yall not ded yet ?

  32. Elizabeth DiZ

    Elizabeth DiZ2 months ago


  33. Elizabeth DiZ

    Elizabeth DiZ2 months ago


  34. David Monck

    David Monck2 months ago

    is the dog a border collie? if it is they r so cute i have a puppy swell! a border collie puppy

  35. Jazzline Argueta

    Jazzline Argueta2 months ago


  36. Brooke Maswela

    Brooke Maswela2 months ago

    The last part is probably why you should knock before you enter a room with people in it 😂😂😂😂😂

  37. Khalil dewar

    Khalil dewar2 months ago


  38. Kiernan Dreamy

    Kiernan Dreamy2 months ago

    Cap I was first

  39. Joseline Rodriguez

    Joseline Rodriguez2 months ago

    I love kOuvr and I love ducks 🙃

  40. Anonymous

    Anonymous2 months ago

    Omg that look a my friends dog Merlin

  41. Lizzy Shown

    Lizzy Shown2 months ago

    Alex you and you’re girlfriend need to leave that place it is fucking not safe for you

  42. Mariska Wadyko

    Mariska Wadyko2 months ago

    Katies jeremys girl

  43. Endfinite

    Endfinite2 months ago

    Bro, does anyone else think that Paper looks like an older Ryan from Ryan's toy review?


    MADISON SANCHEZ2 months ago

    Is that freakin Katie from jeremy

  45. Shameel Cipriani

    Shameel Cipriani2 months ago

    I love how your girlfriend so caring n the baby tree so adorable

  46. Melanie Shariat

    Melanie Shariat2 months ago

    Something fell from the bus

  47. Jonny Roberts

    Jonny Roberts2 months ago

    Is it just me but did pappar moved his hat at the start

  48. joyma moya

    joyma moya2 months ago

    Why is he so dumb when his friend broke the fucking tv

  49. Loren Fisher

    Loren Fisher2 months ago

    Sorry Calvin he likes don

  50. Savanaah Vaoga

    Savanaah Vaoga2 months ago

    Kovr because baby trees need love too

  51. Perciva1

    Perciva12 months ago

    Wow you caved so fast

  52. Milagro Valles

    Milagro Valles3 months ago

    OMG the beginning is so fucking good

  53. Aliana Manasek

    Aliana Manasek3 months ago

    Katie is so pretty:)

  54. Aila Drude

    Aila Drude3 months ago

    How are they not dead from all the shit they do

  55. Taylor Brady

    Taylor Brady3 months ago

    He had the funniest friends ever. Lol

  56. Cole Mayer

    Cole Mayer3 months ago

    Was tana Filming for her only fans 😂😂

  57. Amber Vaughan - O'Connor

    Amber Vaughan - O'Connor3 months ago

    "Baby trees need love too" -Kouvr

  58. Angelic. _Arianna

    Angelic. _Arianna3 months ago

    Lol it’s funny how Alex and piper didn’t even care when they broke the light behind of the bus

  59. Nika Dunning

    Nika Dunning3 months ago

    the end you didnt have to blur :)

  60. Avayah Leonard

    Avayah Leonard3 months ago

    I'm watching thos in class, and I'm trying to hold my breath because my cameras on and I dont want to start laughing

  61. Matthew Richards

    Matthew Richards3 months ago


  62. Peter Nguyen

    Peter Nguyen3 months ago


  63. Silvia Garcia

    Silvia Garcia3 months ago


  64. Person Person

    Person Person3 months ago

    tAnA you gave him TaNa

  65. Nathaly Hernandez

    Nathaly Hernandez3 months ago

    Katie has a bf his name is Jeremy

  66. bnj stich lover 4 life

    bnj stich lover 4 life3 months ago

    katie and jeramey not katie and kalvan

  67. Janelle Barrios

    Janelle Barrios3 months ago

    Alex : Wear a Helmet Me: no thxs , ( 5 seconds later ) Alex: what did we learn Me: to wear a helmet ⛑

  68. piper Rockelle fan page

    piper Rockelle fan page3 months ago

    Katy what about Jeremy

  69. ci. ci ruth

    ci. ci ruth3 months ago


  70. Michelle Beard

    Michelle Beard3 months ago

    Should I call the cops or peta😂

  71. Brylee Bradford

    Brylee Bradford3 months ago

    Calvin: this is how you golf Patty: I know how to golf Calvin: “ breaks tv” Alex: god damn it you broke it Also Alex to Calvin: nice shot

  72. Hannah cochran

    Hannah cochran3 months ago

    I don't have a dad either

  73. Scar Ruble

    Scar Ruble3 months ago

    I am 10 but I love these people they make me so happy

  74. Grace Collins

    Grace Collins3 months ago

    That was funny when she made that face and said I’m gonna go get it

  75. Grace Collins

    Grace Collins3 months ago

    I thought that was Jeramy chick

  76. matthew montgomery

    matthew montgomery3 months ago

    0:10 just or did y’all see the bus’s tun signal is broke

  77. maa goo

    maa goo3 months ago

    When u think it's going to be a apropryit Watching it : 😯😮

  78. Smol beans Gaming

    Smol beans Gaming3 months ago

    The end,

  79. AL-Hassan Ali

    AL-Hassan Ali3 months ago

    Calvin with a beard is way cooler

  80. Melissa Shook

    Melissa Shook3 months ago

    Omg so true


    ALBIE FENTER:)3 months ago

    Alex with his kid in 2029: well back in my day I made my friends do stupid stuff son

  82. Callista Marie

    Callista Marie3 months ago

    The first 15 seconds of the vid is my cuz lol

  83. Raeleen Reveles

    Raeleen Reveles3 months ago

    FIRST ☝️

  84. Daisy’s Days

    Daisy’s Days3 months ago


  85. Kailynn Chasteen

    Kailynn Chasteen3 months ago


  86. Nikita Sch

    Nikita Sch3 months ago

    check out my new game about hype house members :

  87. Nikita Sch

    Nikita Sch3 months ago

    check out my new game about hype house members :

  88. Siena Campo

    Siena Campo3 months ago

    Paper broke the light on the bus lmao

  89. Cindy Compton

    Cindy Compton3 months ago

    At least papper learns a lesson from the dumb things he does

  90. Brandi Sheets

    Brandi Sheets3 months ago

    O nooo

  91. jay to savvy

    jay to savvy3 months ago

    Alex do you still play fortnite and if you do what’s your name?

  92. Kaylen Williams

    Kaylen Williams3 months ago

    Are we not gonna talk about the fact that he was wearing skirt

  93. Audrey Dooley

    Audrey Dooley3 months ago

    Patrick: "I know you have a dad" Alex: "I don't" I'm dying laughing

  94. Alexandra Guia

    Alexandra Guia3 months ago

    Marry Kover please were all begging

  95. Cassidy Armstrong

    Cassidy Armstrong3 months ago

    I have a dog named olly too :)

  96. Kayleigh Carter

    Kayleigh Carter3 months ago

    Alex "why would you get a baby tree?" Kouvr "beause baby trees need love to!"


    JORDAN ROSS3 months ago

    t t t t tana tana is the most irresponsible person i have ever met!!

  98. Hayleigh Melissa

    Hayleigh Melissa3 months ago

    “This is Katie” Me: where tf is Jeremy

  99. Dilynne Burrows

    Dilynne Burrows3 months ago

    Why’s nobody talking about the first part😭😭😭

  100. D'Andra.D. Bowes

    D'Andra.D. Bowes3 months ago

    🤣🤣🤣Omg the first part😂