In todays video Brady reveals his deepest secret to his boyfriend Larray, I surprise Michael with a pony in his room, We run into some stunt riders, and I find a needle in a haystack.
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  1. brian_636

    brian_6365 months ago

    Good times riding with you brother, glad we got to link up!!!

  2. Toni James

    Toni James20 days ago

    @Brandon Kravet You too

  3. Julian Drip

    Julian DripMonth ago

    @Alex Warren love you the best

  4. Julian Drip

    Julian DripMonth ago

    @Alex Warren love you the best

  5. Shaunnas Dumb

    Shaunnas Dumb2 months ago

    @Brandon Kravet hbu

  6. Landan Small

    Landan Small3 months ago

    @Alex Warren hi

  7. Catherine Gordon

    Catherine Gordon5 days ago

    Its not I have one


    TIA JONES11 days ago

    Yea in pen in

  9. Lee Dejesus

    Lee Dejesus11 days ago


  10. Lilibeth Bergeron

    Lilibeth Bergeron11 days ago

    The only person I can watch yours videos around is my great grandma, because she can not hear.

  11. Norma Soto

    Norma Soto14 days ago


  12. Savanna Gomez

    Savanna Gomez17 days ago

    Did u put it in this time

  13. Nevaeh Schneider

    Nevaeh Schneider19 days ago

    why is michael wearing bryce hall (PAU) Merch at 3:42

  14. Hissa Al-Sadi

    Hissa Al-Sadi26 days ago

    jojo siwa is jealous form the hours lol

  15. Nadean Truelove

    Nadean TrueloveMonth ago

    “This is so cool... HEY GUYS!!! “ hahahaha this had me dead 😂😂

  16. Gissell Ayalanataren

    Gissell AyalanatarenMonth ago

    I feel like Alex is my favorite USloftr bc he they funny lol

  17. 123 drop

    123 dropMonth ago

    I and I want to be your friend

  18. 123 drop

    123 dropMonth ago

    Larry has a boyfriend he's a boy and he's very Isabel so there is two boys dating each other

  19. Ellie Buckley

    Ellie BuckleyMonth ago

    Larray: babe why didn't you tell me this before Also Larray: knocks his head of and fights him What a wholesome relationship this is

  20. vanessa orozco

    vanessa orozcoMonth ago


  21. Nathan Gilbert

    Nathan GilbertMonth ago

    what is micelles Xbox name mine is Naydog18695

  22. Tannishta patel

    Tannishta patelMonth ago

    you guys have crazy days/week

  23. lorelai maxwell

    lorelai maxwellMonth ago

    Is Thomas really your brother Alex

  24. Summerxmusicx Robloxgirlx

    Summerxmusicx RobloxgirlxMonth ago

    Lol you’re so happy that you found a needle in a haystack and your friends are like shut the F up my guy lol and there faces

  25. Morgan Poche

    Morgan PocheMonth ago

    i didn’t know that i needed to see big bird fighting without his head but i did

  26. Ayla Morris

    Ayla MorrisMonth ago

    In almost all the clips you can just hear Alex laughing in the background

  27. Rachel Temenczko

    Rachel TemenczkoMonth ago

    3:13 I ask myself the same question everyday

  28. Zolar dooel.kumanovo

    Zolar dooel.kumanovo2 months ago

    is tah orange swim sut is n nick

  29. Roxy Lujan

    Roxy Lujan2 months ago

    "IM BIG BiRD BiTcH"

  30. Arihanna A. Drouillard

    Arihanna A. Drouillard2 months ago

    Also Alex, can you dare Calvin to get a haircut plzzzzz

  31. Angelita Hannah

    Angelita Hannah2 months ago

    He needs to prank tomes more

  32. maria labedz

    maria labedz2 months ago

    What's his business email for to work with him??

  33. D'ante Richè

    D'ante Richè2 months ago

    2:51 deadly blow

  34. RUBY Castillo

    RUBY Castillo2 months ago

    i love larri he always makes me lough and smile he said you seen my fighting video right lol😂

  35. Laila householder

    Laila householder2 months ago

    Larry locks big bird out of the house

  36. Cute_drawings_roblox_draws _cute_draws-

    Cute_drawings_roblox_draws _cute_draws-2 months ago

    Haha this is funny look ate this time 2:51 this is So funny

  37. Suññy šidę Çłøúd

    Suññy šidę Çłøúd2 months ago

    Alex is such a Activ person I love it 😂😂

  38. Gracie Foxx

    Gracie Foxx2 months ago

    Can we just take a second and look back at when michael and pattie were fighting and Michael was hearing Bryce Hall merch

  39. Mrs MARTINEZ

    Mrs MARTINEZ2 months ago

    #alex lol

  40. michael orji

    michael orji2 months ago

    Im sorry but what did brady said when he said his secret Alex was laughing and i didn't know what he said

  41. Cameron Thomas

    Cameron Thomas2 months ago

    Larry's fight was crazy he 2v1 two of his past roommates because one of the said the n word

  42. ivan aguilar

    ivan aguilar2 months ago

    The “horse” Alex got was a ponie

  43. Ella Ramos

    Ella Ramos2 months ago

    Ravon while larray and brady are fighting is like:👁️👄👁️ When ravon became a part of the fight : 🤜🤜🤜🤜🤜🤜🤜

  44. •Bërñådëtte•Jöyçē• Møñtāñõ•

    •Bërñådëtte•Jöyçē• Møñtāñõ•2 months ago


  45. The prince family Fans

    The prince family Fans2 months ago

    🤣🤣🤣😂😭😂 dude this videos are FUNNY 😄😂

  46. Lauren Sisson

    Lauren Sisson2 months ago

    Me thinking Alex was gonna day him and Brady were dating but nope I saw Larrey fight big bird

  47. Kyra Harris

    Kyra Harris2 months ago

    why are your vlogs and vids so shortt.

  48. Sabrina rawr

    Sabrina rawr2 months ago

    he woke up Chris breezy ig

  49. Brooklynn Drager

    Brooklynn Drager2 months ago

    Is Michael wearing party animal merch that’s Bryce hall‘s merch what the fuck

  50. Marios Daskalakis

    Marios Daskalakis2 months ago

    If Alex replies I will jump off the balconi

  51. Sienna’s Vlogs & more

    Sienna’s Vlogs & more3 months ago


  52. nailea

    nailea3 months ago


  53. Mary Brito

    Mary Brito3 months ago

    Its funny how micheal amd calvin was punching the air🤣

  54. It’s Jaya

    It’s Jaya3 months ago


  55. i skate

    i skate3 months ago

    big birds wig flewwwwww bhaahahahaahhahhaah

  56. malayja perales

    malayja perales3 months ago

    The big bird part yo lmfaooooooooooo

  57. Fooking Avocados

    Fooking Avocados3 months ago

    I fOuNd A NeEdLe iN a HaYsTaCk! No-oNe, JuSt mE? oK - Alex Warren 2020

  58. MikexKenshin

    MikexKenshin3 months ago

    who did Larray fight tho?

  59. Kari Kociuruba

    Kari Kociuruba3 months ago

    when larry’s took big birds head off i was dieing

  60. [69]stride 69

    [69]stride 693 months ago

    My dad: that’s cool. me: yeah how did he find that needle. my dad: no the bikes

  61. Betzabe Monroy

    Betzabe Monroy3 months ago

    Not me getting my measuring tape t see if mine is longer and it is 😌😆it 12 inches

  62. allen barahona

    allen barahona3 months ago

    *me eating chicken* *sees Larry slap chicken* 👁👄👁

  63. allen barahona

    allen barahona3 months ago

    *me braking my 4 box * sees phone* oh *in mind regretting that *

  64. Leah Latin

    Leah Latin3 months ago

    Larray: aww baby why u didint tell me this before Also Larry a second later:* YEETS HEAD OFF* BRADY: ATTACKS RAVIN AND LARRY

  65. Kyle Aguilo

    Kyle Aguilo3 months ago

    you are so nice jk

  66. Amber Mrozinski

    Amber Mrozinski3 months ago

    i have that xbox lollll

  67. The Idiot

    The Idiot3 months ago

    big bird is just built different

  68. sstuckongucci

    sstuckongucci3 months ago

    larri:you seen my fight video right? me thinking its about to go down brady walks in as big bird well what did i expect

  69. Poppy Mundell

    Poppy Mundell3 months ago

    no one : larry: fighting a BIG BIRD

  70. Isabel Rodriguez C

    Isabel Rodriguez C3 months ago

    No one: No one at all : Larry : baby why didn’t you tell me this before. *nocks the head of *

  71. Hamza Sherdil

    Hamza Sherdil3 months ago

    Make my day your me you always make my day you’re amazing I love her and I also love to make slime so I also love you Alex you’re amazing you make my day you make me smile every time inside I watch you and you’re moving🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🌈🌈🌈🌈🦚🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🤮🤟🏽🤟🏽🤟🏽🤟🏽🤟🏽🤟🏽🤟🏽🤟🏽

  72. Simon Smith

    Simon Smith3 months ago

    Cancel kouvr 2021

  73. Christian Esparza-Pina

    Christian Esparza-Pina3 months ago

    When Micheal has Bryce hall mercy on the pau hoddie at 3:23

  74. Badcellrary

    Badcellrary3 months ago

    3:01 Ravon like kendall in the middle her sisters fighting tho

  75. Sadia Ahmed

    Sadia Ahmed3 months ago

    Brady: cockadoodle doo bitch Larri: 👊💥 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  76. kiara tyson

    kiara tyson3 months ago

    Were not gonna talk about how when Larray smacked big birds head off the head hid Ravon in the head

  77. Ms. Snow

    Ms. Snow3 months ago

    2:45 - 3:13 is hilarious 😂 *smacks head off*

  78. sianna casado

    sianna casado3 months ago

    Hey love you channel and tell everyone in the hype house i am their biggest fan

  79. Amelia Zakieta

    Amelia Zakieta3 months ago


  80. Yoshi-Rall-YT

    Yoshi-Rall-YT3 months ago


  81. Leaver Hearn

    Leaver Hearn3 months ago

    Larry knocks out the chicken OMG literally almost pee on myself lol

  82. Zachary Turner

    Zachary Turner3 months ago

    I have been the one of the smalls ones of my friends so I feel patty Mai

  83. Jassiel Escobar

    Jassiel Escobar3 months ago


  84. Maddie Sims

    Maddie Sims3 months ago

    omggg i diedddd when larray hits the head off the fucking chicken ahahaha

  85. Cre8tive Xgal

    Cre8tive Xgal3 months ago

    3:18 larray sounded like the screaming goat meme tho ✨

  86. karlie

    karlie3 months ago

    Micheal is so underrated. I love that man on a different level

  87. Foxy Girl690

    Foxy Girl6903 months ago

    1:20 that’s what we bikers do is stunts and some do trails and some just ride for fun

  88. Christina

    Christina4 months ago

    3:33 IM DEAD 😭🤚

  89. Lucas Hamm

    Lucas Hamm4 months ago

    A monkey in the last clip than says can’t find a monkey

  90. Sasha Wolfenden

    Sasha Wolfenden4 months ago

    3.02 : larrays laptop do be like 👁👄👁 tf

  91. xXA_BearXx

    xXA_BearXx4 months ago


  92. Argie Gergatsoulis

    Argie Gergatsoulis4 months ago

    gooooooood you found a needle in the haystack

  93. Azyria Ochoa

    Azyria Ochoa4 months ago

    is it just me or does Calvin look like Joey from friends 😂

  94. Emma Hinman

    Emma Hinman4 months ago

    I just watched a literally watched a chicken fight 😂

  95. Angela A

    Angela A4 months ago

    i‘m probably late af but is this the clouthouse? i just found alex warren from jason nashs video and i‘m addicted 😂

  96. Ms.Diva07 #2

    Ms.Diva07 #23 months ago

    @Angela A ooh wow I never heard of that before was that like before tik tok was big

  97. Angela A

    Angela A3 months ago

    @Ms.Diva07 #2 yes I know but is it the old clouthouse? where banks and ricegum used to live with alissa? 😂

  98. Ms.Diva07 #2

    Ms.Diva07 #23 months ago

    🤣🤣 no there all in the hype house

  99. Lennon Rylea

    Lennon Rylea4 months ago

    How do you email

  100. Nyla Daughtry

    Nyla Daughtry4 months ago

    Alex that’s the width of your but and if you want to find out the length put it the other way and btw that’s a big size for an but

  101. Zaybree Sanchez

    Zaybree Sanchez4 months ago

    Whydid he look like a fall guys character when larray knocked off his head lol😂😂

  102. Koltyn Lloyd

    Koltyn Lloyd4 months ago

    Who wanted to see the fight and saw it and damn he good at fighting lmaooo

  103. Gamer emmxa

    Gamer emmxa4 months ago

    Me thinking if I should email Alex to say how much he has helped me through my mental health

  104. alister macdonald

    alister macdonald4 months ago

    Soon it will be my wife cover

  105. sasha__

    sasha__4 months ago

    here on 69k likes

  106. Taffy Queen

    Taffy Queen4 months ago

    When Larray was fighting the bird was no one else just seriously scared for the laptop

  107. Taffy Queen

    Taffy Queen4 months ago

    Anybody else thought pressing the cancel button after the video is done meant to cancel the youtuber... just me ok

  108. Maria Lozano

    Maria Lozano4 months ago