In todays video I caught Lil Huddy cheating, Patrick and Calvin surprise Kouvr with a Pony, Paper puts a hole in my wall, I have a psychic read my roommates future, We get a puppy, and Jack and Sienna have their first argument...
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  1. Joselyn

    Joselyn20 hours ago

    Who is your brother?

  2. Potter head here obviously

    Potter head here obviously2 days ago

    Siennas talk with him was hilarious

  3. Caitlyn Wenzon

    Caitlyn Wenzon11 days ago

    Michael be like chase now you mine . Because he took him

  4. Henry Danger

    Henry Danger19 days ago

    I can't get in to your merch

  5. Kaylin Smith

    Kaylin Smith22 days ago

    BAHAHAHAH * 1000000999834988548 years later * *alex warren posted a new vid* *calvins not a virgin*

  6. Alex Davidkov

    Alex Davidkov22 days ago

    If you didn’t drop out of high school maybe you would have learned about plagiarism👍🏼

  7. Danelle Pillay

    Danelle Pillay24 days ago

    Anyone else notice he's werering lover boy merch in his merch plug

  8. Zaf Bi

    Zaf Bi26 days ago

    I love chase's fave at 3:42

  9. Starr Lee

    Starr Lee27 days ago

    Why chas eso cute

  10. Charlotte Carpenter

    Charlotte Carpenter27 days ago

    I love his outro but I didn't know that the beginning said got this soda like ok cool lol

  11. mila aspinall

    mila aspinallMonth ago

    anyone watching this in 2021 and nowing calvins still a virgin lol!!

  12. Emma Warren

    Emma WarrenMonth ago

    when the title cheating I thought it meant cheating on a girl.

  13. bertram winkle

    bertram winkleMonth ago


  14. Vanessa Ibarra

    Vanessa IbarraMonth ago

    Am I the only one who noticed the toilet paper on Michaels bed😂 0:40

  15. Kylie Okeefe

    Kylie OkeefeMonth ago

    Alex: did u use your phone Chase: no

  16. Mallorie Stafford

    Mallorie StaffordMonth ago

    Bring Kouvr over to my house for animals! 😂 Patrick and Calvin 😂😂😂😂

  17. Lucia Vargas

    Lucia VargasMonth ago

    Michale is cute]

  18. Merary Rubio

    Merary RubioMonth ago


  19. Zuzanna Stadnik

    Zuzanna Stadnik2 months ago

    If chase is that smart, why can't he open a school

  20. Ava-lynn Cunningham

    Ava-lynn Cunningham2 months ago

    I can’t wait until Alex says in his intro and this is my wife kOver

  21. Pelin Ozen

    Pelin Ozen2 months ago


  22. My Life Animated

    My Life Animated2 months ago

    I am in school watching this cuz school is boring

  23. Gloria Alvarez

    Gloria Alvarez2 months ago

    Wtf MichaeL! 😅😅🤣🤣🤣

  24. Aaliyah McQuillan

    Aaliyah McQuillan2 months ago

    pause at 3:54 chases face 😂😂

  25. Dea Mare

    Dea Mare2 months ago

    Michael is 🔥🥵🤭☺️

  26. Amarna Hawks

    Amarna Hawks2 months ago

    What I do with letter test is I spell ABACDABA

  27. Islaz gaming

    Islaz gaming2 months ago

    1:05 that kind me later 😌😌

  28. Minty FN

    Minty FN2 months ago


  29. Lacey Epley

    Lacey Epley2 months ago

    I can’t have your murch bish

  30. Rainbow Sprinkles

    Rainbow Sprinkles2 months ago

    When ever I watch his vids my parents always ask me am I okay because I am laughing to much🤣🤣

  31. Luke Ulrich

    Luke Ulrich2 months ago

    Love the vid bro

  32. Lia Wagner

    Lia Wagner2 months ago

    Ngl Alex is funny as heck ,love his videos

  33. Jenira Isahia

    Jenira Isahia2 months ago

    Chase's high school teacher lookming this video belike:🧿♟🧿

  34. amie ogg

    amie ogg2 months ago

    My nose fucking hurts now cause I was drinking juice when he was pill dancing and I laughed it went up my nose

  35. Jessie Martinez

    Jessie Martinez2 months ago


  36. Jessie Martinez

    Jessie Martinez2 months ago

    I have replayed the falling part 30

  37. Jessie Martinez

    Jessie Martinez2 months ago


  38. The prince family Fans

    The prince family Fans2 months ago

    Dude Ween I’m said I watch his videos and I get so happy and laughing 😂 a lot 😭😂

  39. Marbella Burgueno

    Marbella Burgueno2 months ago

    Michael is cute🥰🥰🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️😍😍

  40. Ciara Callanan

    Ciara Callanan2 months ago

    My name is “Ciara”

  41. Marina W

    Marina W2 months ago

    i love the fact that Michael is literally like a high school boy. he had an xbox controller, a roll of tp, and a puff bar on his bed 😂

  42. free edits :D

    free edits :D2 months ago

    how is chase so cute without even trying?

  43. Herobrine Sus

    Herobrine Sus3 months ago

    Who else saw the vape @1:03

  44. Madison Hufnagel

    Madison Hufnagel3 months ago

    POV: I wish I was one of Michael teachers

  45. Grace Russo

    Grace Russo3 months ago

    Ok I get a commercial on SATs while watching this! Lmao 😂

  46. Nikola Hricova

    Nikola Hricova3 months ago

    Can u we just appreciate that calvin wore at mask at the beginning

  47. Itz_bella_boo45

    Itz_bella_boo453 months ago

    The boilers 🙂😂😂

  48. Kaylea Gunderson

    Kaylea Gunderson3 months ago

    Chase is my fav he’s so funny

  49. Laya Reynolds

    Laya Reynolds3 months ago

    Ok can we take the time to admire Chase’s face

  50. An ja

    An ja3 months ago

    These are the shortest vlogs I’ve ever seen but the best

  51. The Illusionists

    The Illusionists3 months ago

    Wait does chase have a Hogwarts tattoo on his arm

  52. Myleen Lemus

    Myleen Lemus3 months ago

    Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzxtg😳 I fell asleep in this is what I wrote

  53. Abbi Rozman

    Abbi Rozman3 months ago

    Sienna giving me a pep talk: 2:22

  54. Matthew Richards

    Matthew Richards3 months ago


  55. Ohhana

    Ohhana3 months ago

    4:15 And this is why you souldnt drop out of school

  56. Sylvia Richards

    Sylvia Richards3 months ago

    the way Chase said no

  57. Destiny Williams

    Destiny Williams3 months ago

    Calvin's cute as xoxo

  58. Leilani Esera-luke

    Leilani Esera-luke3 months ago

    Best poll dancing I've seen 👌🏼💀

  59. — Holiday

    — Holiday3 months ago


  60. — Holiday

    — Holiday3 months ago


  61. — Holiday

    — Holiday3 months ago

    Your Vlog aren’t funny

  62. Kaitlyn Kelly

    Kaitlyn Kelly3 months ago

    Then don’t watch him

  63. Unanimous Chinchilla

    Unanimous Chinchilla3 months ago

    Damn the title really got me

  64. Ayomide Awomolo

    Ayomide Awomolo3 months ago

    im dying 2:40

  65. Timber. Girl

    Timber. Girl3 months ago

    Omg I just noticed this was made on my bday🥺🤞🏼❤️ also your my fav USloftr

  66. Chloe Padgett

    Chloe Padgett3 months ago

    Everyone knows you only put see Michael please 🙄 🤚

  67. Leaver Hearn

    Leaver Hearn3 months ago

    Two funniest best friend wish to be couple is Michael and Paper ❤️💙😜😂🤣

  68. Nikita Sch

    Nikita Sch3 months ago

    check out my new game about hype house members :

  69. Josue The Beast

    Josue The Beast3 months ago

    Chi papi monyayo

  70. Alex O

    Alex O3 months ago


  71. simkhael kusuma

    simkhael kusuma3 months ago

    Hahahaahah on off the best intro

  72. karlie

    karlie3 months ago

    Micheal is so under appreciated. I love that man on another level

  73. AvaniFan

    AvaniFan3 months ago

    It me b day tomorrow Pls reply

  74. reaper79

    reaper794 months ago

    Why is there toilet paper on micheals bed. On the army guy part

  75. ELLIE

    ELLIE4 months ago


  76. levina

    levina4 months ago

    alex: “u think u can do poll dancing” topper: “fck yea i can do” also topper: * breaks the pole, and dents the wall *

  77. Marian Havrilla

    Marian Havrilla4 months ago

    Ollie is my puppies names

  78. Kim Pay

    Kim Pay4 months ago

    i got the merch!!!

  79. summer games

    summer games4 months ago

    I love how in his intro kouvr is a young Carol Baskin

  80. Stephanie Henning

    Stephanie Henning4 months ago

    wow im glad to hear that outro song havnt heard it in a while feels good to have that song back doesnt it

  81. Maddie Jane

    Maddie Jane4 months ago

    Ok ok but why does nick kinda look like young Leonardo DiCaprio?!

  82. Leyla Ozbalci

    Leyla Ozbalci4 months ago

    bro why are ur vids so fucking hsort

  83. Khadija Ahmed

    Khadija Ahmed4 months ago

    Funny funny alex😌😂😂

  84. Ibrahim Haroon

    Ibrahim Haroon4 months ago

    Or just don’t give the SAT because that shit is pointless now

  85. Devin Ayala

    Devin Ayala4 months ago

    I wish the vlogs were more natural...these bits are not my fav at all

  86. Yaz Mia

    Yaz Mia4 months ago

    the cutest part: 3:53

  87. Kiera Hutton

    Kiera Hutton4 months ago

    My name is Kiera lol

  88. kim Ervin

    kim Ervin4 months ago

    did i just realise that patrick and chase are actualy really cute

  89. Jowita Ostalczyk

    Jowita Ostalczyk4 months ago

    alex: michael answered all 'a' michael: i know that at least one of them is 'a' alex: michael got '1' micheal: i fucking told u one was going to be 'a'

  90. Jowita Ostalczyk

    Jowita Ostalczyk4 months ago

    the way chase was like looking around and said no its the no for me

  91. Brianna Trejo

    Brianna Trejo4 months ago

    i just love how patrick and calvin do whatever lol

  92. Cooper Lockwood

    Cooper Lockwood4 months ago

    The old outro song is back... let’s goooo

  93. ꧁kenzje꧂ 86

    ꧁kenzje꧂ 864 months ago

    omg i took the SAT the other day and im in 7th grade😭

  94. Niamh Carr

    Niamh Carr4 months ago

    Wait in the us ur test questions are multiple choice luckyy

  95. Mihira Krothapalli

    Mihira Krothapalli4 months ago

    michel i did the exact same reading SAT test as you lol

  96. itsgalaxy TV

    itsgalaxy TV4 months ago

    Ew what's with the thumbnail idek why I clicked on this stupid video

  97. Sarah Daniels

    Sarah Daniels4 months ago

    Kouvr is so pretty

  98. Issa loy

    Issa loy4 months ago

    i only watch your videos because kouvr P.S. MARRY HERRR SHE IS THE ONE!!!!!!

  99. Beautiful Edits

    Beautiful Edits4 months ago

    The reading Sat looks like my 4th grade one-

  100. Itzz_Destiny •-•

    Itzz_Destiny •-•4 months ago


  101. dee Best

    dee Best4 months ago

    Call Patrick a virgin

  102. Joelle Emerson

    Joelle Emerson4 months ago

    I do see in life that your a Vurching and . Will remand a vurching - 😂😂