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In todays video Mitchell and Calvin cook for the first time, Michael is rejected by his dream girl Olivia, Sienna Gomez teaches me how to squirrel dance, Charli Damelio surprises me, We eat the worlds spiciest nugget, Michael flirts with Olivia, and Paper tries to date Tana.
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  1. Nat Nat

    Nat Nat22 days ago

    2:34 charli is watching victorious

  2. Isaac Jacobs

    Isaac Jacobs25 days ago

    Do not swear.

  3. Isaac Jacobs

    Isaac Jacobs25 days ago

    Do not say that.

  4. Isaac Jacobs

    Isaac Jacobs25 days ago

    Do not swear.

  5. Isaac Jacobs

    Isaac Jacobs25 days ago

    Do not say that.

  6. Mollie Phillips123

    Mollie Phillips123Month ago


  7. Chine McNair

    Chine McNairMonth ago

    bull shit

  8. Beckett Zappin

    Beckett ZappinMonth ago

    Patrick and Papper are my fav

  9. Mia Stirling

    Mia StirlingMonth ago

    Don’t y’all this that sieana is kinda like adiison rar

  10. yareli rodriguez

    yareli rodriguezMonth ago

    “you got the spiciest vegan chicken”😂😭💀

  11. Corgi Kardashian Official

    Corgi Kardashian OfficialMonth ago

    Why is nobody talking about how there is milk in the drawer?

  12. Brody Foust

    Brody Foust2 months ago

    We we

  13. Sienna Høeg Skovmand

    Sienna Høeg Skovmand2 months ago

    My name is Sienna..🥺

  14. eric clear

    eric clear2 months ago

    But funny

  15. eric clear

    eric clear2 months ago

    Sienna s a crackhead

  16. Jaimin Patel

    Jaimin Patel2 months ago

    me watching a vlog from almost 4 months ago drinking chocy milk

  17. Ruth O Driscoll

    Ruth O Driscoll2 months ago

    Poor Micheal

  18. Imogen Hicks

    Imogen Hicks2 months ago

    Why does the ppl in ur intro only have 3 fingers

  19. Candace Lonergan

    Candace Lonergan2 months ago

    Me: where did Sienna find the squirrel dance 😂Me: probably TikTok or made it up

  20. midnightdancer Q

    midnightdancer Q2 months ago

    watching calvin an patrick lowers my IQ 😂

  21. Parrapa The Rapper

    Parrapa The Rapper3 months ago

    The cowardly actor exemplarily hope because pansy postmeiotically entertain over a auspicious taste. fine, symptomatic money

  22. Parrapa The Rapper

    Parrapa The Rapper3 months ago

    The enormous treatment italy chew because saudi arabia causally wink along a sudden museum. yummy, psychotic gladiolus

  23. Isabella Hernandez

    Isabella Hernandez3 months ago

    Bro you guys are SO FUNNY 😂

  24. Jessica Tuft

    Jessica Tuft3 months ago

    I love this

  25. Ethan Krueger

    Ethan Krueger3 months ago

    That's h Just what happened to me

  26. Karna Lopes

    Karna Lopes3 months ago

    My Question Is Why In The Hell Did Conner\ Paper Grab The Milk From A Draw It Is Supposed To Be In The Fridge 😂😂😂

  27. TheCharli Tea

    TheCharli Tea3 months ago

    Charlize like ice cream read around the corner and Alex is just like you’re wearing freaking jeans lady

  28. Gracie Howard

    Gracie Howard3 months ago

    I love how Charli was watching Victoryious

  29. yuh

    yuh3 months ago

    2:32 is it just me or have i seen this clip before-

  30. DATS SUS_99

    DATS SUS_993 months ago

    he covers his eyes while he is holding a knife 😂😂🤣🤣

  31. Sophie Eddy

    Sophie Eddy3 months ago

    i cry of laughter every time i watch one of your videos

  32. JO_ 8TS

    JO_ 8TS3 months ago

    I like Alex energy it’s always happy and funny

  33. Kris Lightwood

    Kris Lightwood3 months ago

    Calvin shoving his face in ice cream is a whole mood

  34. Ja Ck

    Ja Ck3 months ago


  35. Ja Ck

    Ja Ck3 months ago

    Thanks for 2 likes

  36. Brian Haner

    Brian Haner4 months ago

    you are so funny

  37. Andrea oppedisano Oppedisano

    Andrea oppedisano Oppedisano4 months ago

    ok i know im not the only one but why is the milk in the drawers......

  38. Addy Mccaslan

    Addy Mccaslan4 months ago

    I love this video

  39. Cody ANDERSON

    Cody ANDERSON4 months ago


  40. Cody ANDERSON

    Cody ANDERSON4 months ago

    I love the guy in the mionion suit he’s so fricking funnt

  41. julia

    julia4 months ago

    wtf tana caught me so off guard

  42. Makayla Weise

    Makayla Weise4 months ago

    whos the kid

  43. Mariah The Simp

    Mariah The Simp4 months ago

    Alex: Are you bleeding? Calvin: Aw Sh*t.

  44. Midnight stars

    Midnight stars4 months ago

    I heard Charli watching Victorious

  45. Nathanial Madrigal

    Nathanial Madrigal4 months ago

    I will love to live in there house

  46. Kaylen Williams

    Kaylen Williams4 months ago

    At least we didn’t break any thing. *breaks something*

  47. Heather Sangenette

    Heather Sangenette4 months ago


  48. Kevin Hwang

    Kevin Hwang5 months ago

    2:38 you could tell he been asked to do this thousands of times

  49. Jim Russo

    Jim Russo5 months ago

    Do thay only care abot them selfs or everyone ????????????

  50. ThisIs Theo

    ThisIs Theo5 months ago

    Wait,vegan chicken 😳?That's a thing?

  51. Tara Bomkamp

    Tara Bomkamp5 months ago

    I love how charli is “working out” And watching victorious 😂😂❤️💙

  52. Som Thidamuthda

    Som Thidamuthda5 months ago


  53. Tay Smith

    Tay Smith5 months ago

    Charli: "i don't do this very often " Alex "what"char work out

  54. larry

    larry5 months ago

    What’s up with the send it guy with his cousins shit on his upper lip lmao

  55. ariana

    ariana5 months ago

    got played by the clickbait

  56. Adam Burnett

    Adam Burnett5 months ago


  57. Tina Bambina

    Tina Bambina5 months ago

    Is her dads name TOYOTA

  58. Syrina Quezada

    Syrina Quezada5 months ago

    Lol 2:48 is that Mia?😂😂

  59. Grace Shuttleworth

    Grace Shuttleworth5 months ago

    Are we not thinking about how paper pulled the milk out of a drawer

  60. Still Dyl

    Still Dyl5 months ago

    Who is the girl who said she loves Travis scott

  61. alayna b

    alayna b5 months ago

    so we're not gonna talk abt how alex hasnt been involved in like 1 scandal

  62. Dale Towe

    Dale Towe5 months ago

    Charli was listening to Victorious when she was working out

  63. NiaahisBored :P

    NiaahisBored :P5 months ago

    alex laughs soo much

  64. Edith Rincon

    Edith Rincon5 months ago

    Ik that boy isnt talking tennis players. smh we not that ugly too

  65. lily

    lily5 months ago

    omg that kid man- i’m deadddd 2:21

  66. Mayleigh Hardy

    Mayleigh Hardy5 months ago

    No he did not throw the pit vipers that no

  67. Kyrie Irving

    Kyrie Irving5 months ago

    “At least we didn’t break anything...:papar *breaks glass* f*ck”

  68. Ella Soffe

    Ella Soffe5 months ago

    i have bought your merch and i love it and infact im wearing it now

  69. The Greenpixe

    The Greenpixe5 months ago

    Please make longer vids

  70. Emily Lewis

    Emily Lewis5 months ago

    The minion tho

  71. Quito Gamez

    Quito Gamez5 months ago

    Not gonna say anything but I think the FaZe Nolan is better with the minion suit

  72. Kenna Fiscus

    Kenna Fiscus5 months ago

    Poor kouvr

  73. Savannah Johnson

    Savannah Johnson6 months ago

    Charli watching victorious on the treadmill is a mood

  74. Greidy Berrios

    Greidy Berrios6 months ago

    You are so funny.You guys are my favorite

  75. Luz Garcia

    Luz Garcia6 months ago

    Lets start off with bryce hall yeah he got some smelly 8@!!$

  76. Alyssa Roy élève

    Alyssa Roy élève6 months ago

    I know all of the outro songs nows. i love it

  77. Aaron Page

    Aaron Page6 months ago

    Why re allur vid 4 minute lng

  78. Renuka Shaha

    Renuka Shaha6 months ago

    love your videos they are really funny Atleast your content is much better than bryce halls content cause he really really trys to find content but nevermind

  79. Adidasfanboi444

    Adidasfanboi4446 months ago


  80. raesaccept

    raesaccept6 months ago

    These are the only people that make me genuinely smile

  81. monta dēvita

    monta dēvita6 months ago


  82. Genevieve Trinh

    Genevieve Trinh6 months ago

    you sons like a kid

  83. Pastel Is Cool

    Pastel Is Cool6 months ago

    Charli was watching Victorious Ahhhhh I love that show

  84. Yann Tchatchoua

    Yann Tchatchoua6 months ago

    All i hear the whole video:😂🤣😂😂😂🤣😂😂😂

  85. Pïck1ë !!

    Pïck1ë !!6 months ago

    know one: not a single person: me: why did paper pull milk out of a drawer

  86. Victoria Lawton

    Victoria Lawton6 months ago

    The water makes it worse

  87. Jailyn williams

    Jailyn williams6 months ago


  88. Arum Han

    Arum Han6 months ago

    At least we didn’t break anything papper then breaks a cup

  89. Wiki

    Wiki6 months ago

    "At least we didn't break anything " "Breaks something" Me lmao

  90. Debora Sanders

    Debora Sanders6 months ago

    Me watching this bc I’m bored and think like what the f*** am I watching 😂

  91. Destiny Castelan

    Destiny Castelan6 months ago

    If you eat something spicy use salt and it will help

  92. Morgan Deetz

    Morgan Deetz6 months ago

    Is anyone else curious where Kovur has been she hasn’t been in any of his recent videos?

  93. subscribers

    subscribers6 months ago

    but can we pls talk bout how Calvin was recording himself sticl=king his face in ice cream

  94. Honey and sienna

    Honey and sienna6 months ago

    My names sienna

  95. Jack

    Jack6 months ago

    0:15 Jesus Christ dav-.. Alex is really fucking small

  96. Madison Maxwell

    Madison Maxwell6 months ago

    Please tell me Charli got her ice cream

  97. All my comments are jokes don’t take them Seriously

    All my comments are jokes don’t take them Seriously6 months ago


  98. Emily Klentz

    Emily Klentz6 months ago

    I know he did not just pull the milk out of the drawer

  99. Playing Roblox and Reacting to Rosa de Guadalupe

    Playing Roblox and Reacting to Rosa de Guadalupe6 months ago

    Charli was watching victorios I love that show

  100. Lori Gandy

    Lori Gandy6 months ago


  101. Isaiah Gali-Brown

    Isaiah Gali-Brown6 months ago

    Who else likes his ending music