In todays video I surprised my best friend paper with his dream girl Tana, Flipped a golf cart, Calvin and Patrick build a house in my room and I prank Patrick and Paper!!
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  1. Kennedy Shaw

    Kennedy Shaw2 days ago

    I wonder why they went golfing without you guys??

  2. Hope Davis

    Hope Davis19 days ago

    Hey Alex I have a connection, my cousins have a golf cart and we go on rides when ever we visit! Or for there birthdays like wills birthday we had so much fun with the water balloons and I got all wet LOL

  3. Elyssa Delic

    Elyssa Delic19 days ago

    I am not a youtuber but your videos are so amazing

  4. Bizzy izzy

    Bizzy izzy22 days ago

    Who eles is watchig in 2021😂

  5. ɪᴀᴍᴍᴀʏᴀ

    ɪᴀᴍᴍᴀʏᴀ24 days ago

    Alex-puts down the garage door paper-litterly just Yeets himself into the garage door

  6. Jayla Morrisey

    Jayla MorriseyMonth ago


  7. Raelan Lee

    Raelan LeeMonth ago

    Every time I watch the vids there is a medical add lol

  8. J Park

    J Park2 months ago

    1:23 Woahhh shade😭✋

  9. Isaac Jacobs

    Isaac Jacobs2 months ago

    Why is Calvin wearing a mask?

  10. Hartley Bruder

    Hartley Bruder2 months ago


  11. Yerlin Moncada

    Yerlin Moncada2 months ago

    Who saw his bugger

  12. Daisy D

    Daisy D2 months ago

    Papper: smashes into the driveway door Alex: BAHAHAAHA That’s the true meaning of Friendship.

  13. Maya Irvin

    Maya Irvin3 months ago

    I voted larri for president and alex for vice president

  14. 22jys

    22jys3 months ago

    0:10 dont mind just pinning funni moment

  15. Jade Duncan

    Jade Duncan3 months ago

    speedy paps should be a stunt man, he will literally do ANYTHING

  16. marsela geshtenja

    marsela geshtenja3 months ago

    why do kavin and patrick always com to youre room????

  17. Maria Fernanda Selva barrera

    Maria Fernanda Selva barrera3 months ago

    La risa de alex me devuelve mil años de vida😂😂

  18. Liv Poore

    Liv Poore3 months ago

    I keep watching it over again the start bit :)

  19. Brandie Cooper

    Brandie Cooper3 months ago

    Omg lol I died when he hit his head 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👁👄👁

  20. Angel Gaming

    Angel Gaming3 months ago

    This blogs are not funny at all


    CAMMERPLAYS3 months ago

    At 3:17 patty’s face

  22. • Cxtie •

    • Cxtie •3 months ago

    I wish I had friends like this but I’m thankful for my best friend we have know each other our entire lives (She is not my sister) she is the best to me but for some reason my parents don’t want us to be friends because she likes boy colors and she wants to be slightly goth :( but even if my parents don’t know we will be bestfriends secretly.

  23. Faye keague

    Faye keague3 months ago

    Ok ya but who put paper in charge of driving

  24. Ajaidyn George

    Ajaidyn George3 months ago

    He said you get the rist she Was walking with nothing

  25. Daisy’s Days

    Daisy’s Days3 months ago

    Yeh funny parts 0:12 1:11 2:28

  26. Isobelle Dill-Russell

    Isobelle Dill-Russell3 months ago


  27. Joshua Sherman

    Joshua Sherman3 months ago

    I laughed when he jumped in the garage hahahahaha love your videos

  28. sara2113 sara2113

    sara2113 sara21133 months ago

    hi omgggggg

  29. Tony Gomez

    Tony Gomez3 months ago

    Oh lol I can't do that bye

  30. RK10 Reaction

    RK10 Reaction3 months ago

    Tanner yo

  31. Jenna Daggett

    Jenna Daggett3 months ago

    When papar hit his head I had water in my mouth. I ruined a tv

  32. Tia P

    Tia P3 months ago

    Idk why but I really want to spend a day with Alex warren

  33. Stephanie Stowe

    Stephanie Stowe3 months ago


  34. Lily Muth

    Lily Muth3 months ago

    calvin and patrick are literally me and my bsf. we love eachother, we despise eachother, but we also couldn’t live without eachother lol

  35. Aristina Subba

    Aristina Subba3 months ago

    Who wants Alex to sing again👇

  36. Denise Vargas

    Denise Vargas3 months ago


  37. Yaren Aliyah Dogan

    Yaren Aliyah Dogan3 months ago

    Paper’s gonna die hella young 😂😂😔

  38. Matthew Richards

    Matthew Richards4 months ago


  39. Lauren fan larray fan

    Lauren fan larray fan4 months ago

    if alex was in pur class when he spoke negative he would move his name down the ladder

  40. ibtissam_aesthetic

    ibtissam_aesthetic4 months ago

    4 minutes better than 15 from some vloggers 🙄😍

  41. claire elder

    claire elder4 months ago

    Sienna laughing weird Me: wtf

  42. L.K.W_levelg196

    L.K.W_levelg1964 months ago

    He got a concussion 0:01

  43. 2027: Gabriela Salazar Carreira

    2027: Gabriela Salazar Carreira4 months ago

    I love patrick and papper there so funny

  44. Kyliee Kos

    Kyliee Kos4 months ago

    Banana lol 😂

  45. Jared Akpik

    Jared Akpik4 months ago

    Hi Alex my name is jared I always watch you all time I hope I could see you

  46. Anya Deen

    Anya Deen4 months ago

    0:12 omg😂😂😂😂

  47. Madilynn Seidel

    Madilynn Seidel4 months ago


  48. Kasey Johnson

    Kasey Johnson4 months ago


  49. Cocoplayz

    Cocoplayz4 months ago

    Not to hurt because I love Alex but who else saw the Mocho

  50. HayDizi

    HayDizi4 months ago

    wen am 18 am gumen to joen the hiep homeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee okkkkk alix am 8

  51. アストロ

    アストロ4 months ago

    3:10 “auh”

  52. gracie gallo

    gracie gallo4 months ago

    Who else watching alex because they can’t have tik tok

  53. Dionte Littlebear

    Dionte Littlebear4 months ago

    From tiktok

  54. Myla Wells

    Myla Wells4 months ago

    ? Why is Calvin wearing a mask

  55. Akilah Thomas

    Akilah Thomas4 months ago

    get him to 3msubscribes quickly.

  56. bailey eason

    bailey eason4 months ago

    can u make your videos longer

  57. Andi Marie

    Andi Marie4 months ago

    0:11 the fawk

  58. Adrina Vlogs

    Adrina Vlogs4 months ago

    Alexi and kouvr have a clean room but Patrick and Calvin go and mess in up lol

  59. Grantlee Prins

    Grantlee Prins4 months ago

    Pepper and calvin are like alex's little minions

  60. Madeline McFadden

    Madeline McFadden4 months ago

    They look so fun.

  61. Maryella Somera

    Maryella Somera4 months ago

    Conner is gonna end up in the hospital soon lol

  62. makayla moreno

    makayla moreno4 months ago

    That was so funny when he hit him self 😭🤣

  63. MARY Hernandez

    MARY Hernandez4 months ago

    The door really said I like your cut g

  64. - MxRiyaqx -

    - MxRiyaqx -4 months ago


  65. Dimasha Fernando

    Dimasha Fernando4 months ago

    Anyone else come here from Jason Nash's roast?

  66. Starrlett Asi

    Starrlett Asi4 months ago

    LMAO 🤣 🤣 🤣

  67. Roman Coll

    Roman Coll4 months ago

    Paper is such a legend

  68. Brenda Rodriguez

    Brenda Rodriguez5 months ago

    Yes she is not 👔👗👠💍🐶👛👜🕶👓🧳🎒💼

  69. Xxlollypop 247

    Xxlollypop 2475 months ago

    Calvin and paper both 21 year olds fighting over a banana Me 17 year old fighting over a remote for the TV Like.... whaaaaaaaat

  70. Gianna Weasly

    Gianna Weasly5 months ago

    is that funny to you

  71. Annaleigh Barbee

    Annaleigh Barbee5 months ago

    I literally binge watch your videos everyday

  72. Ilyssa Cuellar

    Ilyssa Cuellar5 months ago

    Bruh when pepper or paper Idk his name but when he hit his head 😂💀

  73. Gera Solorio

    Gera Solorio5 months ago

    Bruh this is my first video watching this guy and I already don’t like him

  74. Gera Solorio

    Gera Solorio4 months ago

    @Bored_Bitch and i care ?

  75. TaylorWasTaken

    TaylorWasTaken4 months ago


  76. Bored_Bitch

    Bored_Bitch4 months ago

    Well he don’t like u

  77. Reese J

    Reese J5 months ago

    You and kouvr are my idols!!! Love you guys! Hype house is so freaking funny!!

  78. Finlay Wistrand

    Finlay Wistrand5 months ago

    why is your head so fat

  79. ava nicholas

    ava nicholas5 months ago

    To the ppl who body shame alex look in the mirror he will be more sucsesfle than u

  80. ava nicholas

    ava nicholas5 months ago

    To the ppl who body shame alex look in the mirror he will be more sucsesful than u will ever be grow up

  81. play games N

    play games N5 months ago


  82. larry

    larry5 months ago

    This kids a loser wtf lmao

  83. ev aegin

    ev aegin5 months ago

    I vote alex🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🥳🥳🥳

  84. zoom zoom get in my room

    zoom zoom get in my room5 months ago


  85. Connor Kelly

    Connor Kelly5 months ago

    This sucks

  86. Goolie Z

    Goolie Z5 months ago

    Is he dating his sister?

  87. Xxxdragon_ DarkxxX

    Xxxdragon_ DarkxxX5 months ago

    Calvin and piper (21 year olds) fighting over a banana Me: * eats banana*

  88. Victoria Cristina Ferrer Cegarra

    Victoria Cristina Ferrer Cegarra5 months ago


  89. tamise Potato

    tamise Potato5 months ago

    if kouver and Alex ever breakup I'm suing the hype house

  90. Carson_hop

    Carson_hop5 months ago

    Why does Calvin wear a mask everywhere even in his own house 🤣😂

  91. hermionesowl

    hermionesowl5 months ago

    Alex does deserve a streamy

  92. Joe Morris

    Joe Morris5 months ago

    Who's here from Jason nashs roast

  93. Cindy Kelly

    Cindy Kelly5 months ago


  94. Noah lundy

    Noah lundy5 months ago

    Am I the only one who noticed that Kouvr was saying the same line when Alex was saying he got nominated for the thing

  95. Jessica Simon

    Jessica Simon5 months ago


  96. ellie h xx

    ellie h xx5 months ago

    “i don’t deserve a streamy” *two seconds later* “go vote for me, WARREN 2020”

  97. Monica C

    Monica C5 months ago

    Just watch 0:11

  98. Evoke _Peace

    Evoke _Peace5 months ago


  99. TheSkaterdude1014

    TheSkaterdude10145 months ago

    This guys so terrible.

  100. Katie freeman

    Katie freeman5 months ago

    At the start the gate said i like ur cut g

  101. Mi Lynn Forrest

    Mi Lynn Forrest5 months ago

    Hi Alex you cool.

  102. Bella Bella 101

    Bella Bella 1015 months ago

    Didn’t he post another vid or am I imagining it like did he take one down or somethin

  103. sophie

    sophie5 months ago

    wait what ever happened to aileen n garret. I misssss themmm