Alex Warren
Alex Warren
Alex Warren

USloftr and Foot Model... i’m also scared of seaweed

we got married.
  1. thea delille

    thea delille21 hour ago

    im scared for kouvr

  2. Trume.Hotbabes

    Trume.Hotbabes22 hours ago

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  3. Deana Ramnandan

    Deana Ramnandan22 hours ago


  4. Ashley sis

    Ashley sis22 hours ago

    Mans was slammed 😦😦

  5. Aspect Blitz

    Aspect Blitz23 hours ago

    Missed that intro

  6. Charisse Ysabella Deus

    Charisse Ysabella Deus23 hours ago

    Who else noticed that the old intro is back! OG!

  7. Leia Starner

    Leia StarnerDay ago

    when im on youtube to workout to chloe ting but instead im watching this.

  8. Charlee A

    Charlee ADay ago

    2021 literally pit vipers are popular now

  9. Estefani Sanchezparada

    Estefani SanchezparadaDay ago


  10. Estefani Sanchezparada

    Estefani SanchezparadaDay ago

    ESTEFNI OkTok Dixie OkTok Charli

  11. amy patterson

    amy pattersonDay ago

    Marry her

  12. Vincent Palmieri

    Vincent PalmieriDay ago

    Where’s angel

  13. Amelie Hill

    Amelie HillDay ago


  14. Gab Lima

    Gab LimaDay ago

    Done 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨

  15. Diana Sanchez

    Diana SanchezDay ago

    He want I can teach him how to play a trombone

  16. Abbie Jennings

    Abbie JenningsDay ago

    Is Michael’s gf mum Australian?

  17. Daniela Silva Dias

    Daniela Silva DiasDay ago


  18. Lisa Robinson

    Lisa RobinsonDay ago

    Is that Lewis capaldi

  19. Katherine Deasy

    Katherine DeasyDay ago

    Done i dont have insta tho

  20. Zana Milovanovic

    Zana MilovanovicDay ago

    Omg i am crying hahahhahahahahahahahaha u are soo fuuny

  21. Ayesha Makik

    Ayesha MakikDay ago

    Jacob sartorius has a baby face

  22. Emily Chan

    Emily ChanDay ago

    i WILL fly over there from australia and teach them how to eat vegemite

  23. Kimberly Fitzgerald

    Kimberly FitzgeraldDay ago

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  24. Emily Chan

    Emily ChanDay ago

    finally an american who knows what vegemite is for

  25. lama La

    lama LaDay ago

    Nai + vinnie = best couple 😌🤷‍♀️

  26. Jakeline Magana

    Jakeline MaganaDay ago

    The girl is so pretty wtf.

  27. nithi shri

    nithi shriDay ago

    I feel like ur mocking jaden, ness, josh, mads

  28. hi

    hiDay ago

    0:12 more like the crackheads that I found on the street

  29. Marii

    MariiDay ago


  30. Risa Marunda

    Risa MarundaDay ago

    Hi anyone friend with me , send me chat to whatsapp (+13654001290)

  31. Frosty Iceand cold

    Frosty Iceand coldDay ago

    Who is that guy with the curly hair

  32. Dylan Gonzales

    Dylan GonzalesDay ago

    What abt ninnie

  33. Rina Karina

    Rina KarinaDay ago


  34. Erin Vlogs

    Erin VlogsDay ago

    That’s cheerleading not gymnastics..

  35. Indiah Gray

    Indiah GrayDay ago

    Alex just started a war

  36. Caroline Payne

    Caroline PayneDay ago

    Is it just me or is kouvr and Alex the cutest couple ever and kouvr is my fav

  37. Priscila Sarahi Ibarra Vazquez

    Priscila Sarahi Ibarra VazquezDay ago

    Now I understand the video of nai

  38. charlotte bradshaw

    charlotte bradshawDay ago


  39. AnnaLi_Photography

    AnnaLi_PhotographyDay ago


  40. Dhallia Ballance

    Dhallia BallanceDay ago


  41. Dhallia Ballance

    Dhallia BallanceDay ago

    I enjoyed:)

  42. Bria Hellermann

    Bria HellermannDay ago

    Is it me or did I not see kouver

  43. James Doherty

    James DohertyDay ago

    Hi Alex

  44. Levy millien

    Levy millienDay ago

    Can i call that fhone number.

  45. Dhallia Ballance

    Dhallia BallanceDay ago


  46. trini

    triniDay ago

    Why??????? Wtf

  47. cheese doodles

    cheese doodlesDay ago

    i like grapes

  48. Alisha

    AlishaDay ago

    The old intro is back BITCHEZZ

  49. Lily Dearinger

    Lily DearingerDay ago


  50. Kimberly Villegas

    Kimberly VillegasDay ago

    “You can’t put a price on friendship”-kouvr

  51. Oro Santander

    Oro SantanderDay ago

    okk but what about nai??? TALKING TO THE MOON

  52. Allya Charette

    Allya CharetteDay ago

    The old intro is back

  53. ¿EnergyThings?

    ¿EnergyThings?Day ago

    I just know the Vinnie and Nai shippers are so done right now😭 I know this video is a joke btw✨

  54. Dalma Oviedo

    Dalma OviedoDay ago

    No me gusto nada esto

  55. jaxon tiktok's

    jaxon tiktok'sDay ago

    Yo ur hilarious

  56. Jeon Jungkook

    Jeon JungkookDay ago

    All I have to say is, This is a shit show. But I love it. 😂

  57. Fatima Bernal

    Fatima BernalDay ago

    POV:vienes del vídeo de nai de tik tok