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Alex Warren
Alex Warren

USloftr and Foot Model... i’m also scared of seaweed

we got married.

we got married.

2 months ago

  1. jamie mckenzie

    jamie mckenzie13 hours ago

    When they’re playing tag it looks like they’re running for their life 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. JuSt MolLY

    JuSt MolLY18 hours ago

    Done ✔️

  3. Diane Deyo

    Diane Deyo19 hours ago

    Alex: promise not a lots of toys kouvr : ok also kouvr : *buys half the toys there *

  4. Haley Murphy

    Haley Murphy21 hour ago

    I'm so proud of Michael... He finally got a girlfriend!!!!!!🤣

  5. Maggie and Brooke Tutorials

    Maggie and Brooke Tutorials21 hour ago

    Just get married already

  6. clxud paints

    clxud paints21 hour ago

    Kouvr would be such a great mom🥺 She wants a baby so bad I hope Alex agrees to having one eventually😑

  7. Jetta Sanudo

    Jetta Sanudo22 hours ago

    They said this is hard

  8. Zoe Romero

    Zoe Romero22 hours ago


  9. abbi argo

    abbi argoDay ago

    Anyone in 202- rewatching Alex’s vlogs. 2021

  10. CJ Wedderburn

    CJ WedderburnDay ago

    2:03 that hickey on Alex's neck tho😂😂😂

  11. Millie Winstone

    Millie WinstoneDay ago

    Hi I look your video

  12. Meika George

    Meika GeorgeDay ago

    Marry kouvr

  13. gg man

    gg manDay ago

    im watching this a year later on the 16th

  14. Lily Polo gacha

    Lily Polo gachaDay ago

    Nick:”no sugar” him:”how do you like some donas”

  15. Rayn Rangel

    Rayn RangelDay ago

    He is a good singer

  16. Flory castaneto

    Flory castanetoDay ago

    He just said no sugar.

  17. Aleks Evans

    Aleks EvansDay ago


  18. Brian Mccoy

    Brian MccoyDay ago

    make longer videos

  19. dizzy

    dizzyDay ago


  20. Sandesh Armaja

    Sandesh ArmajaDay ago


  21. Olivia Kilby

    Olivia KilbyDay ago

    all the good tv shows are getting cancelled for this bs hype house that no one really gives two shits ab they’re doing it for the money-

  22. Tony Lopez

    Tony LopezDay ago

    No way he’s deleting it

  23. Madeline Santiago

    Madeline SantiagoDay ago

    Where’s Calvin?

  24. Bella Chancey

    Bella ChanceyDay ago

    All the guys when Nikita walked down-👀👀👀👀👁👄👁👀👀👀👀

  25. Camila Luna

    Camila LunaDay ago


  26. Kylee Smith

    Kylee SmithDay ago


  27. Wdw._.lavender

    Wdw._.lavenderDay ago

    POV your watching every single video

  28. Digusting Fish

    Digusting FishDay ago

    Kovur:Can we have one?🥺 Alex:What!? NO! Me: W H Y N O T !?

  29. kimberly L

    kimberly LDay ago

    I s

  30. Diana Marrero

    Diana MarreroDay ago

    Alex and kouvr would be good parents

  31. bailey Fenton

    bailey FentonDay ago

    You need to make longere videos plzzzzzz

  32. Swaggy_chloe13 yuh

    Swaggy_chloe13 yuhDay ago

    I SHIP

  33. Kayla Hall

    Kayla Hall2 days ago

    Congratulations on your guys show I’m so excited to watch it!

  34. Moseley Family Videos

    Moseley Family Videos2 days ago

    This video was made a year ago and when he does the pop zoom I’m realizing that Alex zooming in and zooming out the camera right now and I watch this video like 20 times

  35. Elaine Dancik

    Elaine Dancik2 days ago


  36. Kennedy Tulloch

    Kennedy Tulloch2 days ago

    MIA :Oh god should have good then a TorTiA!

  37. lilly.lopez.

    lilly.lopez.2 days ago


  38. Francesca Lea

    Francesca Lea2 days ago

    When my name is francesca🤓😃

  39. Dewi Lilipaly

    Dewi Lilipaly2 days ago

    poeple who ship doah <----

  40. diana

    diana2 days ago

    I loved how he said this my wife kouver

  41. Chehan De silva

    Chehan De silva2 days ago

    i just noticed this video was released one day after my birthday

  42. OninMaestro

    OninMaestro2 days ago

    This guy looks like if jake paul never trained and just ate oreos all day 😅😂🤣

  43. STRANGER. millie.things

    STRANGER. millie.things2 days ago

    0:05 "MOM RILEY IS DOING THAT THING AGAIN" "Riley get the fuck out of the fridge"

  44. Secret agent

    Secret agent2 days ago

    haha your vlogs have improved so much like they're so good now

  45. Kourtney Valdez

    Kourtney Valdez2 days ago

    How can they buy stuff that’s like 10000 dollars I don’t get and how are they not broke

  46. Square Head

    Square Head2 days ago

    Ayo alex watch “hachi a dogs story“ with all your freinds and kouvr to see everyones reaction before and after

  47. Audreys Life

    Audreys Life2 days ago

    Ilysm Alex tell kovur i said hi!!

  48. Gouri Dhupar

    Gouri Dhupar2 days ago

    me watching this in an emergency room

  49. Haley Gomes

    Haley Gomes2 days ago

    In half his videos people a naked

  50. Sanjhanaa Sivananthan

    Sanjhanaa Sivananthan2 days ago

    Where is larry merch link its not in the desceiption box

  51. Ana Paula Gaete

    Ana Paula Gaete2 days ago

    Vinnie my men✋😳

  52. SK EDITS

    SK EDITS2 days ago

  53. willow rose-rose Borley

    willow rose-rose Borley2 days ago

    I love the hype house so much :)

  54. Hayhay Plays

    Hayhay Plays2 days ago

    “Fat as fuck” 😂